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How many times have we all watched The Wizard of Oz? There is a literal number, of course, but no one can count that high. I’ve seen it enough times for the sounds of the movie to be soundtracks to my childhood. Enough times to both love and take issue with the film.

One of my issues has forever been this notion that the Tin Man doesn’t have a heart. Why doesn’t anyone notice how kind he is? And thoughtful. Or that he cries! If not in his chest, he has a heart somewhere. …

50 Words

50 Word Challenge #39: Moderation

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The truth shimmered
like the apple Jonas held,
your hands on my back brought the pain,
my Giver,

now I know it to be true
there, in the millisecond between
I love you and I love you too —

In the buff between our words
a filter tints all:
In Moderation

Many thanks to Jonica Bradley for this prompt. Here are the instructions if you’d like to join (submit by 5/28/21):

Two more poems:

In the mood for a quality satirical read? Try this three minute gem by Ryan Fan:

Hope you enjoyed every bit!

Nicole Brown

Writer. Mother. Pie and cookie lover.

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